Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tangled up in Justifications

    I just HAD to do it! HAD TO. Bella is determined to prove her age to the world by overdramatizing the already dramatic temper tantrums.  Bella now has the mark of the beast on her Onsie! The staff was so taken by her temper that they were bringing other nurses in just to observe. I overheard one of the nurses thanking her maker for the end of her shift because of Bella.  So what did I do? EVERYTHING in my power!  I turned on Tangled (rotted her brain), gave her a sippie cup in bed (rotted her teeth) turned off the pulse ox (totally AMA) turned off the light, and left. Doesn't she look quaint? I promise that I won't make this a habit but for her sake, this needed to happen.  Oh how I love this little squirt. 


Jaime Lyn Quinto said...

<3 this is so great, as parents sometimes we gotta break the rules!!! good job! she looks very happy with all the luxuries!

Seanny said...

I would have made Nate handle it. :-)