Sunday, September 2, 2012

the Status Quo

    I really need to abandon this ONE post every FIVE months train that I've boarded this last year. Is the excuse, "It just happened" admissible in this circumstance? How about this one, "it wasn't my intention", no?  Okay, I don't have a valid excuse so I will offer a big giant I'M SO SORRY and a hug... ((squeeze)) Did you feel it?
    I haven't quite figured myself out this year.  Each of my legs feel as heavy as 100 pound weights and my mind is lost in utter chaos at times.  I feel vulnerable to the point of shame admitting this but it's the truth my friends, I just can't seem to pull myself together.  I'll figure this out soon enough and all will be well. Just know that your patience and support during this difficult time means the world to me. Enough about me, lets talk about the good stuff... my 4 Sweet Biscuits, the status quo and the status quo ante. 

  We are currently in the process of moving to California. Regardless of the fact that it's been a bit sudden and seemingly reckless, I am thrilled for this change. We decided to move for so many good reasons but I couldn't bare to torture you with a boring novel. Let's just say, There's no time like the present... right?
   We kicked off our big transition out of state with school starting 4 days after we decided to move, as well as on our Move-in day. How 'bout that for a fire drill?  The kids and I drove to California and shacked up in a hotel close to school. Nate stayed behind to work and finish packing up the house.  We registered for school, went "back to school" shopping and made it on time for their first day of school! The "on time" part is where I pat myself on the back.  This entire process was either very smooth or it all happened so quickly that I didn't notice the wreckage along the way. I'm going with SMOOTH...what do you think?

Smiling, healthy, happy and punctual... We were in total control. (wink)

Here's is a little update on life before the big move.  Do you see how much they all have grown? What a lucky woman I am!
Alanah and Ashlynn finished an entire year of competitive dance in April and Jayson never fails to impress with his brilliant mind and music talent.  He completed the Suzuki piano book 1 and performed beautifully at his May recital.  I'm so proud of them for enduring hours and hours of practice...practice and more practice.
 Isabella turned two in July...quite the accomplishment i'll say. Not to undermine her big day, but have you seem her thighs lately?, one more ham-hock please!  She has reached her target weight this past month and is tolerating tube feeds like a champ! She's up to 25.6 pounds and is FINALLY walking.  Bella's cognitive function is between that of a 16 to 20 month old. It sounds low, but trust me, this is stellar news for a 25 weeker.  I couldn't be more proud of her!  Having a birthday is good news but seeing the number on the scale go UP is the icing on the cake...or should I say, the gravy on the biscuit (wink wink). 


  I am so grateful to all of you who've kept us and Isabella in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much from the depths of my heart.  I can really feel your love and we couldn't do this without you.