Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update: Bella's Progress or Lack There of

  Isabella hasn't been doing so well over the past few weeks. She stopped eating just after her last appointment and dropped quite a bit of weight. It can't be coincidental that she develops a gross stomach bug every time we go to the hospital. Would it be weird if we wore gloves and masks to her appointments? Of course I'm kidding.
 Bella's dietitian advised me to offer her a bottle every two to three hours. If she refuses to eat, I hook her up to the tube and finish the feed. This seems to be keeping her happier, but the weight still isn't coming.  We just switched her feeds from a completely broken down milk based formula, to a barely broken down nutritional drink.  It seems a bit backwards but she has been tolerating the latter much better than the former.  She's also figured out how to remove the Button Extension from her stomach which makes the overnight feeds a complete waist. Lets do the math. Formula soaked sheets + cold,wet, immunodeficient baby =  More CALORIES LOST trying to stay warm and a head cold. Do you see my frustration here?  Her oral aversion has morphed into a complete distrust in food.  She looks at food and immediately refuses, if the food touches her tray it makes her gag.
Hello mother nature, I'd like a nice plate of despair with a side of defeatism please, and could you sprinkle some hopelessness on it?...thanks!  Dramatic...I know. I'm sure we'll get this figured out at one point or another. Let's all just pray that it's before another PICC Line and TPN is in order.


Mike and Emily said...

Hang in there!!! You and Bella are in our prayers! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Poor kid! Is there possibly any allergy issues going on? If she feels sick (or even just icky) after eating something that her body doesnt like, that could be making her scared of food. My sisters kids are all allergic to milk and I was when I was a baby too.

good luck!


Victoria Bunnell said...

Thank you so much EM!
Janelle, I'll look into it. Thanks :)