Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Time is...

   Spring is one of my favorite times of the year!  RSV season is coming to an end, the weather couldn't be more perfect, and everything is pastel and girly (insert cheesy schoolgirl hand clapping).  The view from our home is amazing! The grass is turning green, the trees are blossoming, my flower's are blooming,and of course, there's this...
What other time of the year will I see my husband doing cartwheels at the park if not during the Spring? 

   Friends, family and General Conference has made this Spring one to remember.   It's a rare privilege to see both sides of my family in the same month. Thanks to Easter and my brother in law's, Law School graduation, I was able to enjoy said privilege.  I feel very blessed to have fun and loving  in-law's and extended family on both sides, they are a true joy to accompany. 

   On the Saturday before Easter, we attended an Easter Egg Hunt in our friend / neighbor's yard.  This was no small event, there were over 800 eggs hidden for the kids... i've befriended superwoman!  Just the thought of stuffing THAT many eggs is enough to give a gal Carpal tunnel. Am I right?! 

  Isabella's eyes are extremely light sensitive and the bright sun was causing some problems. We were hoping that her eyes would adjust enough to participate in the egg hunt but it didn't happen.  Not to worry, we found a solution that's just as cute, as it is effective, some SWEET shades.  As far as stuffed eggs go, both of her amazing Grandma's made sure that she didn't miss out on the festivities.  She had candy for the first time... and may have ingested a little grass and foil too.

  Every year during General Conference weekend, I make cinnamon rolls, bacon and orange juice for my family.  It's become a fun tradition and a great way to take the edge off of waking up early on a Saturday.  Mormon or not, these messages are uplifting and empowering for anyone that has or wants to have faith in a higher power and in themselves.  There's always at least one message that pinpoints whatever insight I needed at that time and just fills my confidence cup .  Here's the link again...just in case ;) 

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