Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spectacled Bear

I've been a bit concerned about Bella's eyes lately.  She is extremely sensitive to indoor and natural light, and her right eye goes rogue occasionally.  After Bella's laser surgery and almost going blind, I tend to freak out over every little detail of her vision.  I took her in for an exam and everything went great! She is free of any ocular diseases and just needed glasses.  I love these frames and lenses because the plastic is very pliable and the lenses are scratch resistant.  They've already been pulled out from under the driver's seat...unharmed.  Sweet right!  She's just so adorable I cuddle her all day, and those eyes...forget about it!   Notice the bottom picture, she took a few bites of toast. SCORE!


Anonymous said...

She has such big pretty eyes!


Kristin said...

dang that girl has got some serious lashes! im so jealous! oh, and the glasses are adorable!

Katie said...

These are even cuter in person! I love that little girl :)