Friday, March 9, 2012

The Naked truth

Don't ask me why, but us mom's love to strip our little one's down to their birthday suit and stick them in the tub.  We love to watch them try to take off their belly button and put bubbles on their head.  We think it's adorable when they stand at the edge of the tub to watch it fill, or flee the scene with a full moon. We love their perfect little body's and I'm sure we all have the pictures to prove it.  (Don't think for a second that I won't bust those photos out just before prom...'cause I will.)  
Now that Bella's two weeks out of surgery and no longer has a central line, we can ditch the sponge baths and get started on bubble baths and pictures of baby butts! 
Truth be told, I usually tear up a bit when it's bath time and I rarely grab the camera.  She's thin, frail and loaded with hardware. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the very VERY grateful! It's the gaunt Ethiopian-esque look that makes me teary.  Not just that, but when I say,"show mommy your belly button", she points to her G-tube which just happen's to be called a Button.  As for the ostomy, I suppose the center of her stomach sounded like a good idea at the time. I miss her little belly button but i've grown to appreciate the new one, after all, it IS her lifeline.  Having the central line out and kicking the TPN with Lipids has been good for her. She doesn't gain weight as quickly as she did but she is healthier and happier. 
We've missed out on the ham hock thighs and butterball tummy, but that's okay. In all her imperfect humanness, she is beautiful and I'm so excited for bubble baths! 


Katie said...

Is that a cover for her bag? Sweet! That little one is only getting bigger and better. She really is so cute :)

Victoria Bunnell said...

Yes, it's a bag cover. They're great for Dr appointments!

Kristin said...

you make the most beautiful babies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria.
I don't know if my last post posted, so I am reposting. You just visited my son's site, and left a message about your daughter. It looks like you are doing a great job with Bella's care, but if you ever want to talk shop about ostomies, G-tubes, or other "hardware," feel free to email me. I have been doing this for six years and find that it often helps to talk with someone who has been in the same boat. You have a lovely family! And yes, it is of course fine to follow Peter's blog. I am glad you visited it. - Kathryn