Friday, February 24, 2012

Swassy Chic Biscuit Boutique

Surely you see what I see, a sad and pathetic excuse for a blogger.  I mean really, how hard could it be for me to keep my head above water? 
I remember when I had two, and even three healthy kids, I would look at the homely sweat pants moms and wonder how they got to that point. What terrible tragedy could have triggered these women to give up on fashion, nice hair,manicured nails,clean cars and well groomed children? Now with three healthy, rambunctious biscuits and one medically compromised but totally active biscuit, sweat pants are all the more attractive. Spending an hour on my hair is an hour waisted, too much time and money on my makeup is just that...too much, fashionable attire...yea right, the spit up will be so much more noticeable, manicures are a joke with a screaming infant in the salon, and thank you husband for an elliptical because the day care at the gym is a cesspool. Tragedy isn’t necessarily the trigger at all, it’s just a matter of choices.  I could get up 3 hours early and groom myself, but I won't. I could spend more money dry cleaning spit up out of my nice clothes, but I’d rather spend it on something get my drift? Opportunity cost has taken over my conscience and there is no room for cognitive distortion.  I may look homely but as far as my family goes, my head is in the game!
Here’s a list of how I spend most of my time each day:
  • Making and keeping doctors appointments
  • fulfilling church callings
  •  filling and re-filling feeding bags
  • ordering medical supplies
  • checking blood sugar 
  • helping with homework 
  • laundry/cleaning/filling tummies
  • keeping a daily food journal for Bella (harder than it sounds) 
  • picking up and dropping off at school
  • music lessons
  • dance classes and competitions
 I'm a bit of a domestic engineer, pretty cool eh?  My sanity is of course important and a little me time never hurt I right? I’ve been learning to play the drums, sewing,crafting, exercising (sort of), reading books and so forth. Hopefully I can now add blogging to my "me time" list again.  Baking, cooking and sewing for my kids makes me feel like I have my own boutique (non profit)...which I've always wanted by the way...except, not nonprofit. I'd rock the creativity in my nasty sweats and call it the The Swassy Chic Biscuit Boutique  (No...Not really though)!

I'd love to get you all caught up on the Bunnell household's goings-on. To read the many pages that it would take to cover 16 months (for shame Victoria...for shamewould be the epitome of BORING. I hope you don’t mind if I fast track it a little...okay, a lot. A few good highlights should suffice.  
We ended 2010 feeling THIS good:
 Because on November 9th, we brought home one of these! 
After 118 long days in the NICU,
she was finally coming home to stay

and we were finally able to do this...
 and take turns giving her tons of these!
2011 began with Nate feeling a bit less than young, but wouldn't ya know it, he got older?
Everyone else had to go and get older too. Except for me of course.

 Jayson turned the big 8. He was baptized on July 9th and Bella was blessed the same day. Unfortunately, my camera malfunctioned and deleted all of the Baptism and Blessing photos.I managed to salvage few candids from the Luncheon. 

We celebrated Alanah's 6th birthday in style!

We marveled at Isabella's strength to overcome SO many obstacles! After all, she started like this...
...then became like this,

and we celebrated her 1st birthday with her looking something like this! How blessed are we!?

This little gal was next. Apparently Ashlynn thought that 4 was the magical age when she's allowed to wear makeup to school, church and wherever else we went...UM...WRONG!

We played and played some more in NY
What? you never bit the butt of a sphinx.



We did some camping and boating here in Utah!

We shacked up at Primary Children's Hospital 5 times too many!

Despite all of the new changes and challenges that my family and I have faced in the past year, we have kept or sanity and grown closer together as a family.  A loving support group has made all the difference in the world. We are so grateful to those of you who've kept us in your prayers, drove or flew over just to babysit, prepared meals, and called or emailed just to check on us. There may not be a large number of people who truly understand the details of our challenges, but in NO way do I feel alone in this.  I don't have much of a social life, my closest acquaintances are home health nurses and doctors, I almost never keep a play date because of one reason or another, but thanks to you, I am happy.  Friends and family, I love you...we love you and we appreciate your love, patience and kind gestures.  I look forward to blogging and keeping all of you up to speed! I hope you'll forgive my inconsistency since Bella was born and please continue to visit us often.