Saturday, November 6, 2010

Graduation Day

Isabella is now 2300 grams (5.07 lbs) and doing very well.  She passed her hearing exam, and the ROP surgery was a success.  She is eating 3/4 of her meals PO Q3 times daily, the rest will be given through an NG tube.  I have an appointment today to learn how to use the equipment that she will need at her bedside. Nate and I will "room in"/ stay the night in a special family room in the hospital. If all goes well on Sunday and Monday, we will BRING HER HOME ON TUESDAY the 9th of November!
She isn't quite out of the woods but it will be wonderful to have her home.  The chances of a Micro Preemie developing Cerebral Palsy is very high and will manifest itself within 3 years.  Her apnea spells have significantly decreased but still remain.  I'm not quite sure how we'll sleep at night, or possibly NOT stay awake for the next three months. Hmmm?

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Luna said...

We are so glad things are going so well. It has to be so hard. It sounds like you guys are doing great.