Monday, August 2, 2010

Do you hear that?...the lonesome cry of crickets on my page? It's Pathetic, really. I have been totally MIA for some time now, well, to blogging at least. I spent a few months on bed rest, where I could have blogged, but I would rather watch children's movies, read books and play games with my kids. I can admit that blogging was heavy on my mind for some time. I felt rather pathetic for the relentless lethargy that befell me at 8pm...but I'm not sorry. I saved the small amount of energy that I had, for my husband and kids. I'm not super woman and that's ok, When I have to choose, my family will always come first.

I'm trying to make somewhat of a comeback but it wont be pretty. My posts will most likely be sporadic...but that's no surprise, and My pictures may or may not have captions. Forgive me for my sloppy posts and I will forgive you for not commenting on my cute