Saturday, March 13, 2010

Washington & Sea Monsters

A few of these pictures were actually taken in BC Canada.  Nate and I loved the busy city scene and walking to each destination.  We traveled via Sky Train on Saturday, I was the DORKY tourist with my nose pressed against the glass, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every beautiful scene. 
The food there was delicious!!! When it comes to preparing healthy, yummy food,we Americans can really learn a thing or two from the Canadians.  

The tall building behind us, just to Nate's right is thought by locals to resemble a hypodermic needle.  You can see the disc shape, connected to long cylinder but the trees block the entrance, which 
resembles the point of a needle. The RUMOR is that the architect developed a fascination with needles during his recovery from drug addiction. Regardless of his inspiration, it's a dang cool building... there is an arboretum on top,
how sweet is that?! 


We hiked through a beautiful forest down to a beach front that was comparable to the La Jolla Tide Pools.  It was beautiful. There were Sea stars, muscles and lots of other neat sea creatures everywhere.  We must have spent a solid two hours flipping giant rocks just to see Crustaceans scatter. There were some NASTY little Eel-like fish that had the uncanny ability to make Nate squeal like a frightened little girl. It was great.


SHAWN said...

Geeez. Looks like fun!

Katie said...

I love the little things that make Nate scream like a little girl. It's the simple things that make life fun!