Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Updates

Feb- This has been a most rewarding month, There's still two weeks left, but as of now, here's whats up:

1.We celebrated Nate's 30th birthday on friday the 5th with a clever Pirate theme that the kids thought up. Oh yes...there was a treasure map created to guide him in his journey to the "pirates booty" hidden throughout the house.  After the intense hunt, a few of our close friends joined us downtown for Brazilian bb q. It was FANTASTIC!  On the 6th, all of Nate's siblings and there significant others came over for Birthday cake and a jam session on Nate's new Beetles edition Rock Band game. 

2.We started having daily scripture study with the kids every morning before school.  We read for 15 to 20 minutes from our family B.O.M. It has tons of pictures and really keeps the kids interested.  It isn't much, but it's exactly what we need. This small addition to our morning routine has blessed our lives immensely.  

3. It's the month of LOVE! I have always really loved Valentine's Day. The kids and I had so much fun preparing heart shaped pancakes and cookies, and getting Valentine's cards ready for their class mates and teachers. There is just something about it that gives me warm fuzzies.  Oh, did I mention the roses and massage packages from my Nate? SWEET...right?!!  

Jan- Most of this month was consumed by a "Holliday Hangover".  Just the mere THOUGHT of the labor involved in removing my beautiful Christmas decor was exhausting.  Our heartless...yes...mean and heartless tree taunted me for weeks on end... SO PAINFUL!  We have a tradition of singing songs every night after family prayer.  During the holidays, we give the option of singing a few X-Mas carols.  I was so tired of that darn Rudolf but I couldn't dare tell my children that the Christmas season was over while we had garland, red ribbon and flickering lights draped elegantly on the staircase.  Mid month, I couldn't tolerate one more song about reindeers, so, I finally decided to take down Christmas.  My kids and I blasted the radio and got in the zone for a few hours. It turned out to be a really fun time and a great way to bring Christmas closure to the kids without disappointing them.

HIGHLIGHT!!  My wonderful sister in-law Meagan had a girls only chocolate dinner party. She prepared EVERYTHING from scratch...even the salad dressing.  With multiple courses, each including cocoa in one way or another.  It was ├╝ber-fancy and most delicious! My taste buds are happy just thinking about it! :)