Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. George Marathon... check!

  Limping, sweating and agonizing pain can't trump true will power.
Nate's friday night ended with a "carb-a-load" and much anticipation.  R.E.M was interrupted by his biological clock at 2am, 3am, 3:30 am and finally at 4am. The last bus wasn't set to depart until 5:30 am, but when you're that excited, an extra 30 minutes of sleep is a waist.
  At the start of the run, the temperature was bone chillingly low, nearly 2.5 hours passed before sensation returned to his ear lobes and knuckles. Once the chill left his bones, the first 20 miles weren't so bad...until one of his knees decided to go rogue.  To Nate's disappointment, this excruciating injury added a few extra hours to his last 6 miles.
He didn't quit.
  Nate crossed the finish line with a facial expression of accomplishment, relief and agony. Despite all odds against him, he finished at 5 hrs +, which is really great for a first marathon and little to no training. I am so proud of him for following through and enduring to the end.
Congratulations to the love of my life.