Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blessing the Bread

It's Monday morning. The sun rises and a peaceful spirit abides as last year's General Conference concludes. I turn off the television and gather the kids for sloppily prepared pancakes and sliced peaches. Our arms are folded and our heads bow in humble respect while Jayson begins the prayer. With a sweet and confident tone he proceeds to flawlessly recite D&C-20:77. A cold chill scurries down my spine and an unanticipated "STOP!" leaps off my tongue. The kids look to me but in this fraction of one second, I myself am lost, for it seems too familiar a prayer to be inappropriate. Realization hits...focus regained. I explain the proper use of the sacrament prayer, recreate my humble gesture and give a nod of encouragement to try again. There is only silence. My eyes wrinkle in a squint and I peak through to see jayson pointing toward his plate. With the left side of his face tweaked in a lowered brow and a half smile, he says, "mom, there are so many different ways to pray, and anyway...didn't you notice... this is bread."